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Here are some resources for accessories for weddings, including information about themed weddings and cost-effective wedding invitations. If you are looking for wedding entertainment, you can search for live entertainment for your wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, or wedding ceremony here.

Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

Every couple has different priorities when it comes to budgeting for their wedding. For some, the dress is a necessary splurge while others focus their money into creating a memorable dining and entertainment experience.

Most wedding budgets allow for anywhere between 2-5% expenditure on invitations and other printed material such as thank you cards, place/seating cards, and programs.

Discount wedding invitations are available direct from the manufacturer through the internet at 25% to 50% off the regular retail price. You can even preview your invitation with your own wording shown in the exact lettering style and ink color of your choice. You can keep the costs low by opting for standard ink colors and using thermography instead of engraving.

Cheap wedding invitations are available to smart shoppers who understand the massive competition among printers and invitation specialists and their desire to secure your business. A couple can receive 50 or more free wedding invitations regardless of whether the order is small or large. Quality is not sacrificed for price with a selection of styles and wording available by well known makers of wedding invitations.

Another way to stay within your budget is free printable wedding invitations. Downloadable templates in Microsoft Word contain sample wording and are already formatted. All you need to do is insert your details and print. Various wedding fonts are also available for download and you can even print in silver or gold with the right RGB (red/green/blue) combination.

Special promotions for free wedding invitations are available through a variety of specialty shops supplying tuxedos, floral and decoration, and even jewelers. Don’t forget to book your honeymoon early because some resorts offer free wedding invitations as part of their package. Although your tuxedo rental or wedding related purchase is specific and the card choices might be limited in style and quantity, the cards are from respected and quality wedding invitation makers.

If your main source of communication with family and friends is through email, consider Cybercard sites and resources offering a selection of free wedding invitations. It’s not elegant, but it’s free and convenient and the ultimate in cheap wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitations Info provides information on cheap, unique, and do-it-yourself wedding invitations, plus wedding shower invitations, and advice on wedding invitation wording. Wedding Invitations Info is the sister site of Wedding Favors Web.

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The Growing Interest of Themed Weddings

There is a growing trend in weddings lately. These are themed weddings. What exactly is a themed wedding? That’s simple to answer. Just like any event, a themed weapon is merely a wedding with a whole uniting theme. It isn’t your typical, classical wedding. It can be quite different and unique.

There is a large variety of wedding themes out there. It really depends on your own creativity and preference. Here are just a look at a few examples.

There are seasonal wedding themes. This may seem obvious in some cases, or may seem that it happens a lot already when people pick certain aspects of the season to amplify, like beautiful flowers or a nice winter or summer setting. But it goes beyond just that. Autumn can be about a beautiful display of reds and oranges, while Winter would be a much more serene, wonderland of snow and ice.

There are nature themes. Like seasonal themes in a way, these focus on more direct aspects. Maybe a particular flower, or animal, or insect. A wedding focused around your favorite animal or butterfly or flower. It could also be a certain location or scenery. Maybe you have a soft spot for waterfalls, or rivers, or water in general. You could also love a certain type of tree, or gemstone and rock, or even a certain time of day like dawn or dusk or night.

There are cultural themes. These can be very old custom and tradition filled weddings for your heritage. It’s all about embracing where your ancestors came from and who you are inside. Even if you can’t afford to have the wedding in the country your parents, grandparents, or other ancestors were born, you can create your own little Japan, or China, or England, or France, or whatever country it is in your hometown or city. Bring in unique decorations, wardrobe, food and music to make the wedding more personal.

There are historic themes. Did you grow up loving the times long ago? Maybe the glamorous 20s, or the imperial ages of exploration, or medieval times, or even ancient times. Whatever the period is, you can revive it in your wedding and bring more creativity to an important personal day.

There are hobby/interest themes. If you are an artist like me, then an artistic theme may be your preference. Liven the place up with colors, paintings, elaborations of creativity. You may be more into writing, going with a poetry theme, or maybe even music, spicing not just the hearing sense with wonderful sounds but filling the visual with sights of instruments, music notes, and other creative items. There are also activity themes like going horseback riding, or kayaking, or other outdoor things like this. It may also be a sports theme.

The important thing is to pick a wedding theme that fits your personality and interests. Don’t pick something just to be different. Pick something to express yourself in a different and more personal way.

You don’t want to go overboard either. This is still your wedding. You want the theme to compliment the unity of two people, not overshadow it. It’s not about seeing how many objects or items about the theme you can jam into the wedding. It’s about creating a balance to really express yourself in a more unique way to your friends and family.

Have fun, make it personal and romantic, and your wedding theme will be a hit. Just enjoy yourself. It is your special day after all.

Jake Rose is an artist and an author from Massachusetts.

This article has been submitted in affiliation with http://www.Prye.Com which is a site for Wedding Invitations.

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